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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Woozy Echo

 Echo had to go in to day to have his ears checked. Been shaking his head a lot in the past couple days.  Turned out that he has had an ear problem probably from when he was surrendered to the shelter.  He wouldn't let the vet touch his tender ears and the vet therefore couldn't see in his ears let along clean them.  Turned out both ears were involved so he needed to have his ears cleaned and treated.
They had to give him propofol in order to sedate  him to clean his ears out and put drops in.  These pictures were taken when he got back home in his space cadet condition.  He stands and stares or sleeps. Best I can tell he is wondering what planet he landed on.  Feel really bad for him but he is going to be really rested.
Hope that this does not happen again and that the drops we need to put in his ears won't require more sedative.  While he was under they clipped his nails (he won't let anyone touch his feet) and checked a wart on his neck.  He just recovered from his cyst surgery and now has this problem.  Hope 2013 is a better year for him.


Ron and Thelma said...

Don'tyou just hate it when our animals have problems and can't understand that we want to help them. Hope it goes well

jean said...

My rescue dog had ear problems when we got him and I gave him two cloves of crushed raw garlic in his food twice a day until the infections were gone. He has never had any more trouble (3 years ago) with any more infections and we never treated him with medications. Hope your dogs get better.