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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Living Remote Does Have It's Occasional Problems

Check out my latest blog for Mother Earth News about remote living and some inherent problems with doing so.  It is the mountain man's law that if you start a plumbing repair regardless of how thoroughly plan the project you will need a part or washer that you do not have on hand.  Or if you undertake a vehicle repair or small engine repair you will drop and lose a critical bolt that you need to complete the job.  It can be checked out at:

It never fails that you will assemble all the parts you need and inventory them 3-4 times and still come up short one critical piece.  What is it they say: There are two signs of aging. The first is you forget things and I can never remember the second.   

On to the next challenge or project, as soon as I remember what it was..

1 comment:

Bruce said...

Yep I do the same things all the time. Start out with all the right tools, good intentions and then find things missing. LOL. I think it is the Creator’s way to see if we really have as much patience as we brag we do. LOL