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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Abuse Of Power - By Sakioeta'

One of my favorite shows is Dragon’s Den. I enjoy seeing what different people have created and are trying to make successful businesses from their creation. One part that really bothers me though is, with the Dragons, the people they have to see to try to get them to fund their idea, is the abusive nature that some of the Dragons have because they are multi millionaires. They verbally abuse people at times with little or no thoughts of respect for the person or their efforts. That is a type of power that I detest, an abomination, trying to over power anything defenseless. It isn’t power at all but really abuse. I personally believe abuse of anything or anyone is the act of a coward. People can try to paint it anyway they like but when it gets down to the basics it is abuse short and simple. Most people really believe that power comes from the world. But truthfully something that seems powerful in one moment can come crashing down in the next. Looking to the natural world, a single drop of water seems totally powerless and it travels the path of least resistance, but joined to all the other drops it becomes a formidable force that has tremednous power. One person may seem small and insignificant but joined with others like the drop of water they become a very formidable force and can change anything.

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Carol said...

So true, Sakoieta. One person alone can do so much...or so little. A group of people can do so much good...or so much bad. Definitely food for thought. Thanks for sharing!