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Monday, February 25, 2013

An Early Winter's Morning In Colorado

 This is always a beautiful sight to wake up too in the morning.  One foot of fresh snow sure helps with drought relief.  If you click on the photos they will enlarge.  Thought I might as well post these for your enjoyment while the block heater is warming up the engine block of the tractor.  It was 8 degrees when I took the photo's and has warmed up to 25 degrees now so in a few hours the tractor should be warm enough to start and then it will be two hours of intense snow clearing.  This is how beautiful it is before the snow is disturbed and why we love Colorado like we do.  Look at that blue sky through the trees and the streaks of sun light.  Simply beautiful.

1 comment:

Pat said...

How beautiful! Enjoy the beauty before you have to do the work!

I was just noticing, not only the beauty of the snow, but the gorgeous blue of the sky through the trees.

Our winter here has been dreary, dreary, dreary… Before Christmas, it was so mild, we wondered if we would have a winter… Then right at Christmas, the rain and cold moved in and has stayed.

The blessing in this is that the lake has returned to full pool, so that if it’s ever warm enough again to go sit on the bank, we should have some fun fishing.