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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carrying A Grudge? By Sakoieta

I remember one guy saying one time he was too lazy to carry a grudge. I laughed like crazy when i heard this but after thinking about it realized how many of us really do wear ourselves down by carrying grudges towards people who have done things that either offended us or left us feeling hurt, abused or betrayed. So many times I, myself have had to really work to be able to treat people with the respect that all humans deserve and it was hard. I didn:t like their behaviors that had caused them to do what they did and was open to addressing that with them if they were willing to deal with it. If not then I was more than happy with myself for being mature enough to at least show them respect when I met them. I wouldn’t get involved with them to any degree again until some type of healing of the relationship had taken place but I was happy that I could be satisfied with my behavior. It made me that much more aware of how I have to watch how I treat people as well and be willing to have people address my behavior if I unknowingly hurt them.

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