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Monday, February 11, 2013

Forgiving By Sakoieta'

Another bit of wisdom from Sakoieta' to help live a peaceful life.

Being able to live peaceably has to come from within. It is often the result of having faced past mistakes that we made as well as others and realizing we have two choices. We can either accept that all people make mistakes, look at what happened, deal with it so we can lay it to rest and move on, or we can still froth at the bit over what we can no longer change, blame everyone and everything and carry it until we get sick and also end up making everyone pay for what happened so long ago. We have to realize that on this earth we don’t have control over anyone and sometimes not even ourselves. So if forgiveness is going to be our tool to find peace, we also have to be able to forgive ourselves in the process.

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What a great message!

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