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Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

As I sit here and write this the three dogs are in the same place as the photo above.  All three are rescue dogs that bless us far more than we bless them. What other people didn't want (even though they are living breathing animals) we have found great treasure in. Rescues across the country have many similar dogs waiting.  Shelters have tons of similar dogs waiting to be adopted or be destroyed if no one adopts them.  About this time of year shelters are taking in dogs that people assumed they wanted as puppies at Christmas but no longer want. This is a good time to visit a shelter for anything from a mutt to a breed dog.  Beware: if you do you can't have them all and their plight will break your heart.  You can't save them all but you can make a difference in one or two dogs lives.

What we derive from what someone else didn't want can't possibly be measured in the dollars we paid to adopt them. They provide us more love and loyalty than we as humans could ever muster or imagine. We sold our camper to a young family day before yesterday that had a 13 month old baby.  While they were deliberating whether to buy the camper or not Carol took the baby and took him up to meet our canine family members. These three were super gentle, and very respectful to that tiny boy. Three unwanted dogs who with proper care, love and training turned into our greatest assets. Any of the three would give their life for either of us and they greet and treat our friends with respect and gentleness. Each of the three weighed 4 times more than that baby and were so very gentle with him it defies description.

Three totally unwanted dogs that have made our life so rich that all the benefits couldn't be listed in this blog. From snuggling with us in bed to total devotion and loyalty. If you have never adopted a previously unwanted dog either a  breed or mixed breed you wouldn't understand who really is the beneficiary.  Our personal preference is German Shepherds but we love all dogs.

Bozwell who is almost 6 years old now was neglected by his first owner and opened the chain link gate and set himself free.  He lived on the streets for a while and then ended up at a shelter with multiple medical issues. He was at the shelter over a month when he was taken by a rescue and we adopted him as soon as he arrived at the rescue. His previous owner never even made an effort to look for him until we had him several weeks and then it was to late for them to reclaim him. Some of his medical issues continue to this day and need on going treatment.

Next came Sarah who will be nine in a few months. She was a farm dog who cornered the farmer's calf in a fence.  For that he was going to shoot her and her sister. Thanks to the farmer's wife she was rescued at the very last minute and we adopted her.  She had multiple fears and self esteem problems and we have slowly cured her of those over the years.  She is just a delightful family member as is Bozwell.

And last there is Echo whom we believe to be around 3-4 years old.  He was a stray that found his way to a farm where he was fed but liked to chase the farmers chickens.  He was turned over to a shelter where he remained for many weeks/months. He was finally sent to a rescue where he remained un-adopted for several more weeks.  We adopted him and are so very glad we did.  He is amazing and rounds out our pack to be the perfect canine family. He also has medical issues and is what our vet considers a high maintenance boy.

All three provide us more than mere words can describe and make our lives complete.  If you have never considered or don't think you can adopt a discarded dog I can tell you that they will provide you far more than you can give them. If you can provide for an adopted dog it will be one small investment for a lifetime of pure joy. The benefits you will  receive far outweigh the adoption fee and effort you put forth. So whether is is a pure bred breed or mutt, now is the time to help a shelter out with a contribution or as an adopter.  It is something you will never ever regret. Will someone else's trash be your treasure?  Our canine family members far exceed any human expectations and we enjoy spoiling them rotten. WARNING: It seems every time I publish something about our dogs we get a scam attempt or extortion attempt.  So for those of you who may be so inclined read this and  beware - we will not tolerate any such attempt.  Go adopt your own pet and let them turn your life around.


Patricia M said...

I can absolutely relate to the affection you feel for your fur babies. As you know, we own two boxers (or, really, THEY own us).

There are times that I complain about the expense of feeding, vetting and boarding (really expensive to go anywhere!) plus the added housework that comes along with eight muddy paws. I ask Steve, "What the heck were we thinking?". But, we're all tightly bonded and they add so much fun to our otherwise dull lives.

Pandora Deichert said...

Yep! Mia will have chronic bronchitis for the rest of her life, and now her back legs are starting to give out. Jericho has epilepsy (grand mal seizures) and I've noticed him stumbling when the weather is real cold. Wouldn't trade them for anything.

acd6pack said...

You have some wonderful and lucky dogs! We too are all about rescue and have a fantastic pack that includes three blind (from birth) and one who is deaf. They live life to the fullest and are constant reminders as to what is possible.
Rescues are the best!