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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another Home Run By Sakoieta

Forgiveness is a virtue that I find being practiced less and less especially when I read about the political ilk of this country and the greed, graft and corruption they practice. True forgiveness is offered immediately by people who know they have either accidently offended someone or unknowingly did it. Forgiveness of that nature carries with it responsibility, restitution, reconcilliation and finally restoration. It has nothing to do with people doing wrong, denying it, and then finally being forced to say they are sorry. That is pure BS, anyway they want to wrap it or package it. It really shows the arrogance of a human being who cannot look within themselves to seek true forgiveness when wrongs or errors have been committed and then they refuse to take the time to work in a way that leads to as much restoration of the relationship as can be accomplished between them and the ones who were offended by their wrongs.

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