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Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 16,2013 - Satire

Amazing!!!!  Here it is the middle of March and our driveway is bare.  In 16 winters we have never seen our driveway bare at this time of year.  In addition the temp's have been in the 50's every day,  well above normal. Snow is melting like crazy and running down the ditches. Hmmmmm, maybe there really is something to this global warming after all.  We  know it is happening but how much man contributes is a big question for me. Maybe we are truly headed toward some cataclysmic crisis. Maybe I should look on the good side of this.  If the polar ice caps melt and the sea rises as high as predicted when N. Korea launches its nuclear war heads at our West coast they will fall into the water. They keep threatening to do that so the question is when and not if.  Probably wishful thinking they will fall into the water but clearly there is something to this global warming - look at our driveway as this is highly abnormal.  Normal snowfall for this time of year is 240" and so far we have half that amount, 120". The temperatures have been very warm here all winter with the exception of a few weeks.  We are not burning the normal amount of firewood that we usually burn so the up side of that is we will have a good stock on hand when the next ice age happens which is also predicted.

In addition wildfires are already happening so that clearly is not good. Certainly nothing to take lightly and not something to take casually. We can't do anything about the weather anyway but we can spend our time doing as much wildfire mitigation just in case.    

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Raylene said...

The kids have yet another snow day off----we didn’t get but 2-3” but there was the threat of more. The western part of the county is higher and gets more snow on it’s twisty country, highly crowned roads. It is just very gloomy but too warm to snow now. Spring daffs are up.