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Monday, March 11, 2013

Seeing Things Unseen - By Sakoieta'

There are things in this life I cannot see. I can’t see the wind. I can’t see the fragrance of flowers, I can’t see thought, I can’t see what changes a tree from bare brown limbs and branches to lush green leaves. I can’t see love, joy or peace. I can’t see any of these, but I do know they exist because I have experienced them and felt them. They have revealed themselves to me so I can definitely say they do exist and they are real. The substance of life is so evident, so real and beautiful that it makes me wonder why people ever question it or it’s Creating force, who set all this in motion. Are we so grounded in our own narrow understandings that we cannnot accept something we do not see unless it gives us momentary pleasure, or feeds our starving appetites. I fully believe the greatest damage done was when religions took the idea of a creating force and separated that force from the source of all life, the natural world.

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Bruce said...

One of the most meaningful courses I took in college was 'creative photography'. My term paper was on how we teach our children not to see as they progress through the school system. Then as they reach adulthood they fail to see many of the facinating things in life that they should see. They look right by things that are important. The same principal applies as we look right past homeless people as we drive past them on our way to work each day. How much better the world would be if we simply applied Sakoieta's logic and wisdomon seeing.