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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Deer Whisperer?

This may sound strange but actually it is true.  Some may refer to it as coincidence, some may say I'm reading more into it than exists, some may say I'm totally off my rocker.  The fact is that it did happen and has happened so many different times that I do not attribute it to coincidence.  I have encountered other people that have the same attributes. I know one man who can walk up to a full grown bear and scratch it on the head.  Animals have different instincts than we humans and when there is a connection between the two species it is a remarkable thing to behold and experience. I can't explain the connection but you know when it is happening.  

One time many years ago I was going fishing when I saw a deer get hit by a car.  The deer was cut and bruised but survived the crash. The deer ran over and used a fence to stabilize itself.  The deer was in shock and in panic mode.  I stopped and went up to it to see if I could help it. In just talking to it I could see it calm somewhat.  Going up to a wild animal in panic and shock is highly risky if not outright ignorant but I could see in its eyes that it was calming.  I comforted it until more help arrived and we loaded the deer in a truck and I held it in my lap and kept it calm as we took it to the vet.  I held it most of the way and then another guy took over.  The deer recovered but a deer gone crazy in the cab of a pick up truck with two men could be a very unfortunate occurrence. The deer knew that we were helping it and it stayed calm as we drove down the road to the wild animal rescue.  It was clearly its instincts but picking that deer up, carrying it to the truck and loading it in the front seat could have been disaster but instead it understood we were helping it. 

Animals are far more intelligent and have more acute instincts that we possess and when the connection is made between them and us it is an incredible experience. When an animal that instinctively does not trust humans to begin with does so; and if you happen to be the human, it is an incredible and life changing experience.  

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Sakoieta said...

Yep so true. I’ve seen it before as well.

Pat said...

My best connection with Mr. Goose is that he is standing on the bank when I get up in the morning, patiently waiting and trusting that I am actually going to throw some corn over the deck for him to eat. And I do… Mostly barefoot and barely functioning, but chuckling all the way.

Mrs. Goose did come over to eat last evening, but it’s very cold this morning – around freezing – so I guess it’s too cold for her to leave the nest.

Mr. Goose was standing there, waiting on the bank this morning. I threw the corn, and he just stood there instead of waddling up for food. He stood there looking back over the lake to where she is nesting –