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Monday, July 22, 2013

Being Flexible In Life - By Sakoieta'

Being flexible

One thing people often fail to realize or accept is that we are always in transition-constantly moving, changing direction, doing things a little differently that we did them the last time or that we imagined we would be able to do. If we take a moment to stop and analyze what was the past and things that happened and also look at what lies ahead, we quickly realize that the most important tool we need with in our self to deal with all this appropriately is flexibility. Not flexibility in seeing things in one color, one idea or one belief, but the ability to be flexible and bend without breaking. Being able to see the chaos in life and not falling down under it or giving in to it. It is our responsibility and duty to be able to move and bend without creating a rift in our own spirit. Our house if cut in two cannot stand. But however much we move in any direction, we must still be able to draw it back together so that we can bond with the inner laws of our own spiritual being. This supreme law asks us to continuously love, care and have compassions for others but also to show those same attributes to ourselves first.

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