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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thinking Outside The Box - By Sakoieta'

It amazes me how so many people cannot think outside of the box and use their own ability to reason in doing so. As unlikely as it may seem there is always a way or even a better way than what we may be told is the only way. If we can keep on working and using our vision and ability to reason, there will be solutions and they will not fail. Our limited view and being told how things must be done in the box can make us believe answers only come through certain channels and no others. It is hard to stop thinking that one particular way is all there is, and that we have no other choice. It really makes us rely on a "crust of bread" when we could be having a seven course meal. We need to take off the blinders and stop pressing our thinking and ability to reason into the tiny box that has no room to expand, if there is ever going to be breakthroughs. We need to allow, even encourage our minds and spirit to use the gifts of vision and reason, the extraordinary ability to see beyond ordinary sight, to find a better way.

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Patricia M said...

Maybe ego gets in the way and they simply won't try another approach because it wasn't their idea and, perhaps, doesn't cater to their selfish needs.