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Monday, September 2, 2013

Attack Spider

Look at the size of this spider!  He/she has taken up residence over our mud room door and is inches from our head every time we go in or out. This spider is about the size of a nickle. (Click on the photo and it will get even bigger) When we go out the door and hit part of his web we get our cardio workout doing the jump, swing your arms wildly and jig around the back yard dance.  Of course he is never on us and its just a strand of his web but somehow we don't remember that when we walk through the web. Probably should remove him/her but the spider controls the flying insect population that can come through that door. Right now the spider is useful.
Not sure if it is a him or her but if it gets a little bigger we should be able to tell easily. We would rather be on good speaking terms with the spider than destroy it.  

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