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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Differences - By Sakoieta

I have learned to spend time in the natural world is never a mistake or useless time wasted. It is always a good refresher course in so many things that we should pattern our life after. There is no pressure in the natural world for all things of one specie to be the same. Differences are there in everything and then are all equally accepted. The field may be covered in daisies but each one is still completely different than the next and there is still room for the mushroom, other flowers, different types of grasses or dandelions, etc. to grow in their midst. The trees will grow in the forest yet many different types of trees will coexist right next to each other and they accept each other. The only time I have seen this vary is when humans have stepped in and decided to change the natural order and only plant one kind of tree or flower, yet even then nature is still trying to show the need for acceptance of differences because even those transplants are each different. No two are ever alike. We need to model ourselves after the natural order for peace to ever exist.

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