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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tracks In The Snow

Decided to take a walk down the road and get some exercise before college football starts. Thousands of yellow and red aspen leaves blowing across the hard top snow. Saw a single elk track. You can learn much from studying tracks. The elk stopped at one set of tender grass to feed but otherwise it stayed on the tree lined side of the road for cover. Set of bobcat tracks following two sets of deer tracks. One probably a doe and her fawn because the track revealed it only about half side for a deer. A set of snowshoe hare tracks. They have very large feet and can be distinguished from the cotton tail easily - but there were plenty of regular rabbit tracks too. Squirrel, tracks were abundant and a large cat was heading up the mountain. Also what appeared to be coyote tracks. A few days after a fresh snow you can really see how many animals you share the community with.

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