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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Homesteading Remotely With Canine Companions

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It is good common sense when homesteading with our best friends - canine companions. Our pets regardless of how large they may be need to be watched carefully as they are vulnerable to mountain predators.

We have witnessed a doe deer literally tromping a coyote into the ground when it went after her fawn. We had friends who had their small dog taken by an eagle.  We have a good healthy population of eagles both the red and bald species. Plenty of hawks and large owls as well as falcons. All the animals mentioned in the article visit us here in the mountains and we never know when they will come around again. We have been inches from bears and within 8 feet from mountain lions - not by choice for sure.

We have heard of dogs that were running loose never to show up again both by four legged predators and also the two legged type.  It is simply commons sense to keep close watch over your beloved pets to minimize their exposure to unnecessary risks.

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Comment by Pat: Now I understand why you have big dogs...

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