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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year Starts With Cowboy Breakfast

Started out by shoveling through three feet of snow to get to the cook stove. Started out 2014 by cooking cowboy breakfast outdoors on the cook stove. Specially seasoned potatoes, a slice of Spam and sunny side up eggs and all washed down with coffee. Great way to start any day let alone the first day of the new year.

27 degrees out and the sun was out and it was also snowing lightly so it was like cooking breakfast in a snow globe. It was beautiful outside and I would venture to say that there is nothing that tastes better than food cooked outside - especially on a wood fueled cook stove. You can only control the heat by the amount of wood you feed the fire. Food cooks slowly and retains its flavor. Even the same coffee we use in the coffee maker inside tastes better when it is done outside. Happy New Year to all our blog readers and wish you could have been here to partake in this very exceptional breakfast.

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Bruce said...

Comment by Pat: Happy New Year to you and Carol. The breakfast sounds delicious, although I confess to have never tasted Spam.

Served inside sitting at the breakfast table looking out at the beautiful snow sounds lovely!