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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Success - by Sakoieta'

Success, has always depended on a certain amount of staying power whether we are talking about business or relationships. What may seem to be remarkable ideas on paper or in thought may be colossal failures in practice if we are not committed to staying with what we do and who we are in any area of life. This is why there has to be more to us than just what shows. Whether we are building a house, or a business, a bridge, a life or a family, we have to have something to back up what we are trying to do. Most losses result from investing time, energy, finances and little thought in what looks good or may sound good but has little or no substance, a flash in the pan that dies as suddenly as it began. The strength of anything is to know it and ourselves, to give it strong moral character and to decide there is a principle to be kept that we will stick with and put our power behind without wavering.

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Kathryn said...

If I may finish the last thought... '...despite trials, tribulation and setbacks.' Something I was never taught by my mentors, but am learning now as God's child, is that building a faith relationship that stands testing is also a matter (for me, anyway) of hard work and determination. Others tell me I'm trying too let go and let God. That does sound like it could be a truth...and so much easier! Until I achieve that easy height of faith, however, I will hang on with determination to the trust in Him that I've found more precious than the best of anything else I've had or known. Porsche? Lincoln? Trusting God while driving a beat up Ford Focus is better. Career? Money to spare? Trust in Him while disabled and broke is better. I had to come to this low place before I could tear my attention from other, lesser goals to instead seek His face. Still a relative newbie and without the drive of a Todd White, my walk in Christ is as humble as my means. Until I can honestly say I feel all my needs are met by Jesus I will doggedly contend for my faith and trust in Him...trials, tribulations, and setbacks notwithstanding.