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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Someone Has Trouble With The Truth

 In 17 years our road has always been a good passable dirt road - until this year that is. I ask the association to put us on the list for road base since they have scraped what was on our road off leaving nothing but clay. I could have gotten a better response if I had asked for their first born. After 14 days they did come and drag their blade down the road to even out the ruts and smooth the mud. They said we only had a "little" road base off our road and our road was as good as anyone's road. As I went out this morning while the roads were still frozen I noted that the road committee chairman's road was very nice. As I passed the board chairpersons road it too was nicely groomed. The above photo shows the piles of what used to be our road and with Carol standing at the edge of the photo you can see the road base piled 3' high.
 This is one of those ruts that they "fixed" for us.  The bottom photo shows the result of many ruts where the road becomes a bog when it thaws. Never in 17 years has our road every been as bad as it is now... Something we consider very negligent and sad. What is worse is that those in charge of our association look past the damage and tell us our roads are good compared to theirs.  Yeah....

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Comment by Skip: Bruce: You should put up comparable pictures of their roads.