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Monday, April 14, 2014

Five Seasons In The Mountains

There are five seasons in the mountains and you can read all about them in the latest blog at:

Our road used to be very usable but the grader came down our road when 14 inches of snow had melted on it and now it is in this condition. The grader scraped off the little road base we had and left us nothing but mud. Normal well maintained roads do not look like this but when you grade them flat, push the road base off the edge, and drive heavy equipment on the softened roads you end up with this.

When we asked to be put on the road base list we were told we were complaining about muddy roads in mud season. That only came after 5 requests that went totally ignored. We were complaining because our road had been destroyed and we were left with mud when we had a previously good road. Some people can't understand without getting out my paper and crayons.

It seems to me it should be a crime to take a perfectly good road and in one careless moment destroy it and then make excuses why it is like this but none attribute it to the actual cause, negligent operation of a piece of road equipment.   

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