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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stone Work

The only part of the house not finished was the upper part of the breakfast room. I had it on my list to do this summer and yesterday and today were the days. I started yesterday morning going along the property looking for appropriate sized flat stones. I gathered around 300 and when I finished I had about a dozen small stones left. I attach it to the wall with metal tabs cut from old metal roofing and crimped at the end to keep the stone work from coming loose one day. I then screw the tabs to the wall every foot and then starts the tedious task of cementing each stone in place - one at a time.

It is slow going and took a long time but AT LAST the exterior is finished. It is not only attractive but offers 3-4" of a non combustible exterior that is good protection. I found if I do a small segment each summer it is done in no time - 5 years isn't that long actually. Finished and looks nice.


Carol said...

It looks AWESOME. A lot of hard work but keeps you busy and out of trouble!! I appreciate all of the hard work you do around our cabin! xooxo

Kathryn said...

I like the post, but I love the comment. ;)

Bruce said...

Comment by Sakioeta': That looks so cool. Excellent!!