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Monday, September 1, 2014

Extend A Helping Hand - by Sakoieta

In my life I have seen times where people let their pride rob them of help they really needed and also robbed other people of the chance to really reach out to help someone. I often wondered why is it so hard for people to accept help from other people without people feeling negative about it or even angry. No one is saying that person has not done really well and as good as they could do. They have just noticed that with that little extra bit of help that person can finish the job faster, get it done quicker, be able to finish things more completely. When people need help it doesn’t mean they have fallen short. If they have done everything they could do to help themselves then it should be considered as maybe it is time for someone else to have the chance to give. If the feeling of accepting help is awkward, then we can remember that feeling and respect it next time we help someone. Pride can at times be an admission of weakness and gratitude a sign of strength. We can give graciously but also receive in the same manner. It helps to keep us healthy and balanced.

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