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Friday, September 12, 2014

Pack Rat Ride

 This is number 11 so far this year. Catch the pack rat in the live trap and give them a ride down the road on my bike. It is an exciting ride for them as we go over the rocks and ruts in the road en-route to our destination away from human habitation. I actually heard this one go wheeee a few times and saw him put his little front legs up in the air. When we got to our final exit point in relocation I held the trap up and with the pack rat looking me in the eye I explained to him that this was a much better place for him to live and there were several blow down piles of trees that would make an excellent home.
I believe he said he wanted another bike ride and that one was the most exciting one he had ever had. He was also reluctant to leave the trap when I opened the door. Since many of his brothers and sisters are located at this new location he should like it a lot.
It was this particular rat that Disney modeled Mickey Mouse after. They are cute if they didn't smell so bad and were so destructive. I found his nest and will clean it out later today. No telling what I will find in the nest. Last nest I cleaned out I found a dead and totally dried mouse. These guys will gather just about anything and horde it in their nest.
Enjoy your new home #11.

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