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Monday, September 15, 2014

Taking Your Own Path by Sakoieta

I learned many years ago that the path I walk is my path and no one else’s. I have my path and you have yours. Everyone has a path. Each of us are on it whether we realize it or not. At some time we will come to know it and accept it as such. When we walk that path we know because we are happy and content. It doesn’t mean that we just sit around and expect everything to come to us but there is a reciprocity that we need to remember in that whatever we do or set in motion will return to us in a bigger way than the manner in which we set it in motion. Being on our path in a good way means that we are doing our earthly work and causing no one or anything harm.

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Carol said...

I believe this to be true but I also know that sometimes we may think we are on the right path and find out we are not. Two paths are availble: the wrong path and the right one. If/when we choose a wrong one most likely another 'fork in the road' will come at which time we can choose the path that will take us back to the correct path or we can choose to continue on the path to our own destruction. This is free will. Choose wisely.