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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

$1.49 Of Pure Fun

For those dog parents who read this blog for $1,49, you can enjoy some pure fun with your fur friends. That is the cost of a bag of mini marshmallows from the store. Carol will let the three dogs out into the back yard or on the deck and I will place in plain sight and hide (also in plain sight) some mini marshmallows. Then the dogs come in together and the hunt is on. Between their sense of smell and keen eyesight they hunt down and scoff up all those hidden marshmallows.

It is a game they all love and it is difficult enough to where they have to actually search for the treats which challenges them and they enjoy the change of pace. A few marshmallows is not enough to harm them and they are mostly air anyway. We get the pleasure of directing them to the more difficult finds but telling them they are getting warmer and warmer until they find the treat. Clearly a win win situation for all concerned.

If you haven't tried it I recommend it to stimulate your pet and enjoy the fun yourself.

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