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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Skill Jobs

Yesterday when I was in town to have my finger checked I stopped at McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich. The parking lot was pretty full and a McDonalds semi was off loading food supplies. As I sat there in my vehicle eating my sandwich the semi left and I watched as the driver threaded his way out to the highway. I was right behind the semi driver and couldn't fathom the skill it took him to work his way through traffic without a single problem. Other drivers were not giving the semi driver any room to work with and still he patiently worked his way safely out into traffic causing not one single problem.

As I watched this huge vehicle I couldn't help but marvel at the outstanding skill of the driver. We see these big rigs on the highway all the time and take them for granted. These drivers drive millions of miles each year and deliver those products that make our lives easier to live and I'm sure others may not appreciate the skill and tedious mile after mile these men and women put in day after day to make our lives better. I was truly impressed with the skill and patience this particular driver utilized in working through that busy parking lot safely. I don't think I will take these rigs for granted again.

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Bruce said...

Comment by Jane:
Good for you! (not taking them for granted…) I have to tell you that Danny drove for over 25 years (by himself-that was his occupation), and in 1978, we both drove for Tyson foods out of Springdale, AR – I had never driven a pickup truck, much less an 18 wheeler, and I will tell you that it DOES take some kind of talent to maneuver these huge machines – Danny and I drove coast to coast, as well as to Canada, over a year’s time, and had the experiences of a lifetime --- I learned to totally appreciate the hard work that drivers do, as I can recall the many times we unloaded our load like flour (we were both covered!) and produce and all kinds of foods --- we drove together for a solid year, and only took 4 days off during that year – we had put all of our household belongings in storage, and just traveled this beautiful USA J I learned more about life in one year than I’ve learned the rest of my lifetime! And I learned to not take truckers for granted, ever!

Anyway, just had to share with you guys, as it’s so refreshing to hear that some people appreciate what these guys (and women) do for all of us! it truly is a sacrifice, and especially these days, where there are no manners towards other drivers and definitely no respect given – they are responsible for not only their lives, but for those around them --- it’s not easy stopping these units, so God is definitely evident in their lives as they make it to their destinations intact day in and day out J

Blessings on you both and the kids -- Jane