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Friday, March 6, 2015

Friendship by Sakoieta'

Friendship has always been a sacred responsibility and a sacred relationship between two or more people. Sadly so many people have lost the understanding and meaning of true friendship. It doesn’t mean being a part time friend or a fair weather friend. It is a relationship where two or more people are in a trusting relationship and strive to support each other and stand by each other. They are to always show respect for each other but if need be address behaviors in a positive way. Never the less they remain friends. They know how easy it is to get off center and forgive each other whether they deserve it or not. Friends also have high expectations for each other, maybe even higher than what one has of themselves. When we have someone we can trust who stands with us in all types of weather, that connection becomes a peaceful and solid relationship that never gets old or outdated and being that type of friend to someone is a very good and sacred responsibility.

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