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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

High Altitude Gardening

The challenges of gardening at high elevation. Check it out at:


Manuel Molles said...

Hi Bruce,

Mary Anne just brought this post to my attention. We planted two raised beds at our mountain cabin last summer. Because they were covered with just garden cloth, the rodents eventually found the fresh vegetables and destroyed the plantings. Looks like we'll follow in you footsteps and enclose the beds in hardware cloth. Does 1/2" keep out the mice?

Thanks for the tips!

Bruce said...

Good to hear from you Manuel. To answer your question I used 1/2" and it seems to work well. I think mice can get into very small openings but so far they have not gotten into the garden boxes. If they do I'll buy some 1/4" hardware cloth and put it around the bottom of the 1/2 inch.

Marina said...

Hello Bruce and carol, my Husband and I are new to following your blog. Is there a personal email or facebook way, we can ask more direct questions about your experience, like gardening ect..we will be moving to ft Garland soon. Sorry for posting in here I searched the website looking for an email so I wouldn't bog down your comment section, but I didn't find it.

Bruce said...

Hi Marina: You won't tie up this site with comments but if you would rather not post here you can send me a friend request on facebook and we can message. I'll be happy to answer any questions I can. Bruce McElmurray