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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Spending Time Together by Sakoieta'

What could be better than if we tune our lives to where we give ourselves time to listen to the birds, to be able to sit in the sun and enjoy it’s warmth or spend time in the waters or just sit and visit with family, friends and anyone who is there for friendly companionship. It’s so sad that so many have been taught that if they have idle moments they are lazy or not producing as they should. We need to realize as a people that part of our teachings from the Older ones was to not always feel like we need to get to our destination immediately but to enjoy the journey as well with out all the fuss and hurry. It is almost humorous to see people work themselves to death each year looking for vacation time only to fill their vacation and rest time with so much work that they missed the beauty of the things life has to offer. I remember being asked by some of the older ones at times, "come and waste some time with us". It was known by them that if people visit with each other there was time for laughter, time to sit and enjoy stories, jokes and food. Many times I think humans today have become so lost I only hope they will someday find life and living again.

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