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Monday, August 31, 2015

Thinking With Different Parts Of The Brain by Sakoieta

If people want to know why they might often be at odds with other people, we need to look at how they use the brain. Some work from the left side as the dominant part of their thinking that helps them to be more analytical, methodical, and sequential in their thinking and processing of information. While others are more right side dominant in their processing, creative,few or no limits to logic and reason, sound, music, etc. The two sides have little understanding of why their method of reasoning and thinking cannot be understood or appreciated by the other side. To the right hemispheric thinker, nothing is unreal. To the left hemispheric processor the right side thinker lacks order,consistency and reality. We also have the clans that were a symbol of our different ways of "seeing". Both sides need to have understanding that two people seldom see things the same way unless they may be using the same part of the brain for processing. Our ability to listen, and give other people reason to explain why they think and believe like they do can help us avoid many collisions with other people and ideas.

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