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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fort Garland History

Right after the civil was over the government sent a detachment of buffalo soldiers to man Ft. Garland, CO. These brave men fought the Ute's to make it safe for the settlers in the valley. The Ute's were fierce fighters and they were fighting for their homeland and freedom. These soldiers were able to subdue the Ute's and make the valley safe for settlers and then maintain peace. The memorial outside the Ft. Garland post office does not say what happened to the Ute's but I doubt it was what they wanted for themselves.

With all the talk now days about "black lives matter" I find it very ironic that it was a black regiment that subdued the Ute's. Black lives mattered back in the 1870's and so did Ute lives matter. To me it represents the fact that "all lives matter".

This memorial is just down the road from the old fort which is now a museum for visitors. I wonder how many people walk past that tribute to the fighting prowess of the Ute's and the Buffalo Soldiers and never even look at it or stop to read it. Both the Ute's and the brave Buffalo Soldiers deserve to be favorably remembered and not just a stone and bronze memorial to be walked around. Those who live freely in the San Luis valley now days (both settler and Ute) owe a debt of gratitude to these soldiers for making it a safe place to live. Sadly it is a rare occasion that I see anyone reading or even looking at that tribute.


Margaret said...

Nicely written, Bruce!

Megan Monroe said...

💜Thank You for sharing!