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Monday, October 12, 2015

Life Lesson #117

Being old enough to remember these magnetic Scotty dogs from many years ago also means that I'm old enough to have observed some human characteristics over the years. These little plastic dogs glued to magnets would keep some of us kids entertainer for long times as we would move them around on a smooth table top. Or put one on top of a piece of paper and use the other one underneath to move the top one around. If you were lucky enough to have a glass top table they were especially a lot of fun. They would if you tried to put them nose to nose repel each other. Turn them around and they would lock together like they were following each other around.

I have observed over the years that some people are just like these little magnetized dogs. Some people simply do not like others for no apparent reason. It is like their poles repel each other. Of course some may not like others because of what they have heard from others whom they may assume they can trust without making their own opinion hence exclude others from their lives, who may have greatly enriched their lives. Aristotle said some friendships are convenient friendships where the two "friends" share a common interest or goal and when that interest or goal is reached or  falls away they no longer are friends. These are transient friendships based on some circumstance or factor that is not lasting leaving those who rely on such friendships always seeking that one true friend and not finding them. Some people go through their entire lives without forming a lasting friendship and hence usually can be observed in their elder years as somewhat bitter and resentful.

The little Scotch dogs if placed nose to tail would lock together and short of significant force they would not separate. Some people are like that and will for what ever reason follow someone who they think is special only to find out that person is on a destructive path or has their own agenda in life and is leading them to their own destruction. They follow blindly not being able to see or anticipate what lies ahead only to their own peril. Blind followers following blind people who seem to have it all together and appear at least to them of achieving some level of success. They may be wealthy, hold a responsible position, have a big home or car or any other envious status that the follower considers important. The leader may lack good judgement or purpose and regretfully by the time the follower figures that out it is usually too late to avoid getting burned by the same fire.

Then if you would move the little magnetic dogs around real fast they would repel each other and attract at the same time. Many people are like that just moving around without purpose and they seem busy but are really just burning energy and making foolish motions. They seem to be accomplishing something but in reality are just making needless movement and getting no where.

One thing all these people seem to have in common is judging others. They quickly will judge others on assumptions and partial acts without taking the time to get the full picture and making a valued decision. It is easier to listen to one version of the person even if that is the wrong version. If they considered all the facts they might just be tempted to take the other side or see the value in the other person that their myopic vision shut out previously. It requires less effort to jump to conclusions or take sides, right or wrong, where sympathies lie.  But one fact is crystal clear and that is to gather all the facts and not half facts before making a judgement.

I have seen this over the years and it ultimately leads that person to skepticism, disillusionment and bitterness and generally unhappiness with life in general. If you doubt that look around and see how many happy people you can find and identify. It seems some people have been handed one bad turn after another and still they are happy and content. Yet others seem to have all the good things of life and seem very unhappy and lack joy. Perhaps the reader is one or the other and wonders why. It could all boil down to those tricky dogs and how you have adapted to life.

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