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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ready For More Snow

 We clear a path for access and to use the vehicles and then work piecemeal to clear the rest of the snow. We have defined where the driveway is and have cleared the snow so we are now ready for the next storm due tomorrow night. Between the wind and the sun the snow on the driveway has mostly gone.


Beth said...

Snow! Do you have a four wheeler with a shovel attachment? How do you clear the snow?

I really appreciated your truthful article on Mother Earth News about mountain homesteading. I have to admit that keeping the wood stove going is something that didn't even cross my mind, but makes total sense. It's good to hear the struggles as well as the joys. :)

Bruce said...

We have a small Kubota tractor Beth: We have a blade for it (front and back) but we also have a snow thrower which is the real answer. The blade in front only pushes it up until the snow comes over the blade and then gets hard to push. I can do with the snow thrower in one hour what it takes the blade to do in three. Snow thrower attachment is the way to go in my opinion.
We had a walk behind snow thrower earlier but the path was only 20" wide and by the time I was done my feet were about frozen from being out there so long on the cold ground. I had good Sorell boots but still it was pretty miserable. If you only have a small area to clear the walk behind would work just fine.

Jane said...

brrrrr....still darn cold for us! Stay warm --- and by the way, please note my new e-mail address -- the other one will be going away shortly --blessings to you guys for a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the snow for us! Danny & Jane

Carol said...

Jane, email address isn't here...send it to me!

Beth said...

Ah yes, I snow blower. My father-in-law just bought one. He gets lots of snow where he lives in Oregon and can no longer shovel. Sounds like a good investment! Thanks for the info! :)