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Sunday, November 15, 2015

That Awkward Moment

That awkward moment that occurs between the time you get all the needed outdoor chores done and that first significant snow storm. While we have already received a total of 12" of snow but most of the ground is clear. Each year we rush around trying to get all those last minute chores done outside like putting up markers so when the snow gets deep I won't slide off the edge of the driveway. Or replacing rotten boards in the fence before they are covered with snow. Trimming up the tractor trail so next spring it will be smooth and level so when I clear the snow off it and not jam up the snow thrower. Making sure all tools and equipment are put away where they can be found when needed. Putting the deck chairs away and a host of other tasks.

Once the snow starts to fall it these multiple tasks will be done and not covered with snow for months. As we work to have these all done there is sometimes a gap between when everything is done and when the first snow arrives that will be significant. That is the awkward moment when we rack our brain to see if we missed something and realize that all is done and there is nothing to do now but wait. It is a void where we are satisfied we have finally caught up but then there must be something that we missed... That is where we find ourselves presently. There is forecast a storm for tomorrow that could give us 2" or 2' depending on which weather forecaster we believe. All we can conclude is that the computer models are conflicted so we will prepare for the 2' and if we get 2" we will continue to wait for the big one.


JO said...

Looks so pretty. Glad you have everything done prepared for the bigger of the 2's

Beth said...

I'm at that moment right now. All that is left is waiting for the leaves to finally ALL fall, pick those up, and settle in. :)