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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Faith by Sakoieta

I hear all the time that people will not believe what they cannot see and so they criticize. But in reality can we see gas, electricity, love, compassion. loyalty, friendship? Not at all but we see examples of people demonstrating some of these and feel the benefits of the others. So we do know they exist. Our people do many ceremonies for healing and life. We may not know exactly how they work or why they do, all we know is that they do. Faith is a word that gives people the willies. They seem to think it is some strange thing that removes them from reason, and they never stop to think how often they do trust their belief in faith. They put their faith in a car to start when they turn the key, their telephone to work when they dial a number, an elevator to take them to whatever floor they are wanting to stop at, without it falling and crashing back to the ground. Faith is not only looking at the source but understanding it and knowing it will not fail. Fear of Faith is one of our worst states of being alive and living.

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