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Monday, May 2, 2016

Check Codes/Permits First

If you plan to build and be your own contractor it is wise to check the county codes and permit process BEFORE you start. Each county is different and you need to comply as they generally all have the power to shut you down and/or force change that can be costly. Check out the link below:

I have had several people ask me about building their vacation home or dream home locally. This is for their benefit and hope they will check out the county land use codes first.


Sakoieta said...

Sometimes these codes change faster than most people change their underwear. I remember when I had my old house in Manitoba. I had to have the chimney for my fireplace inspected each year. So the first year I lived in the house I had a beautiful cast iron wood stove. The inspector asked for photos to show it was safe. I sent in photos to show him. He responded back that my stove was too rusted out to be safe. I couldn’t believe it. The stove had only a tiny bit of rust color on the stove and it’s walls were at least two inches thick. The inspector refused my requests to come and see the stove personally. So I de-rusted the stove by painting it with black stove polish and then sent in photos saying I had repaired the rust. He sent back my permit of approval for one year.Chimney was approved as well. Next year they did not approve the chimney even though it was still as safe as it had ever been, again they would not come out to inspect it personally. So in order to use the stove I had to take down the chimney and build a brick one. It was approved for one year and then the next year I was told it was not suitable and to rebuild it or not use it. After that I just stated I would not use it and decided since it was very safe just to burn wood without a permit. Never had trouble with any of these "fire dangers" as the inspectors stated.

Bruce said...

Your experience seems to confirm what I have heard from others as well. Thank you for sharing. Bureaucrats....grrrr...