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Friday, June 10, 2016

Providing Free Firewood

So far we have had three groups come from a local non-profit that helps the homeless. This is a photo of Bruce a retired college professor who came down with 8-9 others from Estes Park to work for a few days helping the non-profit meet its needs. This group of people were an absolute delight and fun to work with. Bruce is 80 years old and still does his share to help others.

These are some more of the Estes Park group. Yesterday we had a group with three sixteen girls that were giving their time to help others but carrying firewood. These delightful young ladies were rather slight and were pulling and flipping logs that were as heavy as they were. This group came from Boulder, CO. Today we had a third group that is from the non-profit and again what delightful people to work beside.

So far we have managed 6 cords of firewood and hope to provide at least 20 cords before the end of the summer. More if possible. Last winter we cut and provided about 12, and hopefully this year we can provide more to this very worthy non-profit. Hopefully we will have more groups come and help cut and haul that firewood.  The volunteers all have one thing in common and that is a heart that is bigger than life to help others.

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