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Friday, July 15, 2016


We are getting our firewood in for the winter after this winter. We try to stay ahead by one year as it gives us a jump start on the following year and also gives us a reserve in case of a very hard winter. We like to get our next winter firewood in early and then spend the rest of the summer and fall working on the following winter. We are pretty much there now so it will only take another cord or two of firewood. Exhausting work but well worth the effort.


Frank McAvinchey said...

If you go to, and search for Rocket Mass heaters, you should be able to find some life-changING designs. Building such a heater will save you immense amounts of work that you'd expend in cutting, hauling, and splitting firewood. These things use way less wood and give way more heat. Check out Ernie and Eric Wisner's vids, they're good.

Bruce said...

I don't usually post other web sites but the one Frank submitted is an interesting one that may appeal to many readers.