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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sugar Craving

 We have three of these feeders out for the hummingbirds and they are draining them with mind boggling speed. These little guys have a real craving for sugar water. Each feeding station is full and there are birds swarming around waiting for a place to feed. So far we have gone through what sugar we had on hand and a 25# bag and are into the second 25# bag. They start feeding when it gets light enough to fly around and until it gets dark.
Carol now spends much of her day cleaning and filling hummingbird feeders. We have mostly Broad- tail hummingbirds but a few Rufus also. When a feeder is empty they will let us know by coming to a window and hovering in front of it until they have our attention. They are not only little gluttons but smart also.

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