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Monday, August 1, 2016

Another Day In Paradise

 A few days ago we had a herd of elk browsing around our house. I was able to get some photos of them from our deck. I don't post the photos or put a date on the photos because poachers have been known to surf our blog and by delaying when I post the photos the animals are long gone before they see them. Sad but true. Also those who like to look at animals if posted promptly head for our road expecting them to still be here. Our road which sees little traffic suddenly is a major thoroughfare. All the traffic scares the animals away and puts them at risk of being hit by a vehicle. I usually wait a few days to post photos of elk and sometimes a month to post photos of bears as people flood to the area where there is a bear they think they can see from their vehicle.
 The above photo was taken this morning of our two hummingbird feeders. There are more hummingbirds perched on the feeder than holes for them to feed. There were about 30 hummingbirds and the feeder on the other side of the house was the same. These little guys have gone through 50 + pounds of sugar so far this summer and will probably go through another 25 -50 lbs. I have to refill the feeders at least two times a day and sometimes more. Putting out more feeders would just attract more hummingbirds. These are mainly Broadtail and Rufus species. With so many they seem to get along well together.
More elk at the side of our house..It is good to have them back again and they will visit us from time to time. The deer come and go often as all the animals know it is safe for them here.

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