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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Fall In The Sangre de Cristos

 Soon the beautiful yellow leaves will be gone and the outdoor cowboy breakfast will be under several feet of snow. At our elevation (9,800') we average 260 -300" of snow a year. Now we can just go out and cook breakfast but in another month we will likely have to shovel a path to the re purposed cook stove.
 The swing is covered in plastic to protect it from the harsh winter snow and winds. We will only be able to reach it when the snow flies by snowshoe. Even with several feet of snow we still go to the swing in the winter. We usually carry a thermos of hot tea and just sit and enjoy the silence which is total that time of year.
 Where one of the two year around springs pool before running on down the mountain. A peaceful place where the birds flit in and out to get a bath or drink.
Aspen leaves turning yellow as the last sign of fall and each day there are more and more on the ground. Soon they will be bare and then it is just a matter of waiting for the snow to start. After the end of this month the snow that falls will not melt off but will remain until next spring. This is a time of preparation for nature and us. We are almost ready and when the tractor is serviced we will be fully ready.
Medical, dental and vet appointments are made and that should complete our preparedness for another long and snowy winter...

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