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Friday, October 14, 2016

Firewood Crew

Last Sunday a neighbor I didn't know I had (Ben) came by the house looking for his lot. Many of the markers are buried under downed trees and lost so it can be hard to find your lot if you don't have markers. I went with his nice family down the road and we found his lot with the aid of a map of our section. During conversation he mentioned he would like to get some of the downed trees off his lot and was I interested. I have 11 acres of trees so I wasn't interested but it suddenly dawned on me that La Puente (the charity) was coming out next Friday to cut firewood off our property. I suggested he allow them to cut some of the firewood and he readily accepted. They will come again to cut firewood off our property but this will help him out where he can park his camper on his lot.

Here is the La Puente crew that cut a trailer load off his property and they left with a full load. There were 17 middle school children, 5 adults and myself. I cut the down trees up and the children carried the logs out to the trailer and loaded them. With the small load I had brought down by the driveway they left (all but one) with a full load of firewood to help keep people warm this winter.

The one that was unable to leave was John whose vehicle would not start. He ended up calling a tow truck to take it to Alamosa for repair so he spent most of the afternoon with us. What a pleasant day for me having another adult male to talk to and young kids to work with. These kids are delightful and I think the funniest part of the day was as follows: I had just cut a log to be hauled off and one of the girls called to another girl to have two of the boys come get it as it was heavy. That girl gave her a look that words can't capture and told her they could move more and heavier logs than the boys so why call them. They did move the log with ease and I didn't want to laugh and hurt their feelings or give them the wrong impression but was laughing heartily on the inside. When those girls grow up to adults they are going to be someone to reckon with. Made me happy to hear that happen.

People who can't afford firewood will stay warm this winter thanks to La Puente and these hard working youngsters and their adult chaperones. This group was from the Boulder area and nicer kids or adults couldn't be found. It was delightful for me to be with them today and to provide the needy with firewood in an area where -20 in the winter is not uncommon.  It has been an interesting day and all should sleep well tonight. I'm not sure who benefits more - me or those who get the firewood. I sure enjoy having these youngsters - if only for a few hours, to be around.

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