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Friday, December 9, 2016

Winter Photos From The Mountains

 The above photo is the culvert that drains the spring from up on our property which is the  photo below. The spring comes from deep in the mountain and runs all year long which is why it runs all year. The deeper in the ground the source the more even the temperature of the water. We have a second spring that runs all year also but it freezes before it can get very far down the mountain. It fans our on the ground and freezes.

 The above photo is where the deer and elk are eating the aspen tree bark. I walked around and found several places where they pawed the snow away looking for grasses to eat. Below is a photo of the swing where it is pretty cold to sit now days.


Sandy Williams said...

We love your blog!!!!! we are Ray & Sandy Williams from TN. We just this past OCT purchased lot 565 Richard DR we love it in Forbes..we will be pulling our TT with us two weeks out of the summer and one week in oct we plan on staying in Ft garland...Our future plans in 5 years is to build our cabin this is when we both will retire. Keep showing the wonderful pics,it keeps us up to date with the weather. one of our goals is to see and be on our land with snow...Happy Holidays and thank you so much for sharing..

Bruce said...

Welcome to the neighborhood Ray and Sandy. I'll keep publishing the photos because almost everywhere we look there is beauty worth sharing. That is still true after living here full time for almost 20 years.