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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

County Disaster

What crazy weather we are having. We had 10" of snow this morning and when I went out at 1:00 PM to clear the driveway it was not snowing and the clouds were breaking up and we had blue sky. The clouds finally went away leaving blue sky around 3:00 PM. I noted around 3:30 it was dark, snow blizzard type and heavy snow.
Then I received the following notice from our county - first one ever received. "Costilla County has declared a weather related disaster due to high wind and snow. Residents are advised to stay home. Those who are stuck because of the snow and have health or other safety concerns may call (719) 480-8719. Please do not call 911 unless you have an emergency". 
I think this notice simply says that this may be a while as the road equipment may not be out working on roads. We didn't even get one of these notices when we received 72" of new snow over two days. 

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