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Monday, March 13, 2017

Firewood Season - 2017

It has been seasonable weather recently so yesterday we started to get in our firewood for next winter. The split stacks of firewood in the background will soon be put into the wood shed and the deck will be cleared off for room for the new firewood.

I have stacked a pile of logs up behind the wood shed and toss those down and cut them up on the deck with our electric chainsaw. Balanced on the saw buck is my measuring stick and red tree marking crayon I use. That way they all end up the same length and make stacking more organized.

We cut enough last year where we will have enough for next winter even though this winter is not over for us yet. It is that extra that we will cut up now and in fact we started yesterday. When the weather allows we will cut for an hour or two and by the time the snow melts we should have it done allowing time for recreation.

We still have 2 1/2 - 3' of snow on the ground and by the time it is melted off with the new snow we have yet to receive we will have most if not all of our firewood done. Then during the summer we will cut more at a time of our choosing for the following year and then repeat the process. This time of year is unproductive for outdoor work so we use it to replenish our firewood. That leaves plenty of time this summer to do a little prospecting for gold and fishing our creeks.

It is a system we have worked out over the years and it seems efficient and allows for quality time when the weather is nice during spring, summer and fall.

We have found that the Makita electric chainsaw is ideal for this time of year. It is high quality and since it is plugged in all we need to do is squeeze the trigger and it is always ready. Using one of our gas powered chainsaws requires constant pulling the starter cord to get it running which is extra work. We run a 100' electric cord from the house to the work area and plug in the Makita and we are ready to start cutting.

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