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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sarah And The Doggy Doctor

Our girl Sarah is recovering from a trip to the doggy doctor this morning. Sarah is between 12 1/2 and 13 years old and has had some unique problems. About 4 years ago she developed Sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (SARDS). It comes on very suddenly and without warning. Sarah was chasing a chipmunk in the morning and a few hours later she was totally blind. Both her retinas had fully detached. We rushed her into the vet immediately and were told that only a few dogs a year get this and there is no cure.  An ophthalmologist in Colorado Springs was consulted and advised he had not heard of any reversals. We learned to make life safe and comfortable for Sarah who couldn't see even shadows.

For the first week it was heartbreaking to see her jump into what she thought was the sofa and jump into the wood stove or wall. We had Sarah being prayed for all over the country and we were in constant prayer too. From a blog I wrote a reader said her dog had the same condition and used Bilberry and her dogs sight came back slightly. I rushed the 45 miles to Walmart and bought a bottle of Bilberry in the pharmacy area and started to give her Bilberry that day. Medical Vets believe that SARDS is caused by high blood pressure but they don't know much about it except it is permanent.

Three weeks later Sarah showed sighs of seeing again. We tested her and she could see perfectly. We believe the prayer worked as her sight was fully restored. So as I sit here writing this blog, Sarah is watching me with clarity. Because of her age and dislike of going to the vet we were concerned with her blood pressure going up and that she could go blind again so we gave her a tranquilizer before we embarked on the 1 hour journey to have her seen for a recent cough that has developed.

We were hoping we wouldn't need another miracle for her and that her problem was minor. After two X-Rays, a thorough exam it was determined that she had bronchitis and she now has three Rx's to take. Her heart is sound and her lungs clear but for the bronchitis. The visit to the vet went well as when she is not sedated she cries continually and will not stop. Which is what can spike her blood pressure and we don't want her to go blind again. She has some arthroscrosis to her heart that the vet thought could be heart worm but she tested negative for heart worm in 2005, and we do not have infected mosquitos at our elevation. For her age she is in remarkable condition and we plan to keep it that way.

Sarah was adopted at age four and came with a fear of just about everything. We have never raised our voice to her and with gentle loving care she has been over almost all her fears and is living a normal life. Her prior owner was going to shoot her and her sister for chasing one of his calves. She was rescued just in time and transported several states away to Colorado where we immediately adopted her.

She has had some challenges in her life which we have helped her recover from. We believe she was used for breeding by her former owner and kept outdoors. She has the run of the house here and nary a harsh word has been spoken to her since she became a member of our family. Sarah is the most sweetest and gentle girl I have ever known. She is intelligent beyond description and loyal to a fault. We love all four of our German Shepherds but Sarah is very special to us.

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