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Saturday, April 29, 2017

24" And Counting......

 Just came in from shoveling off the front deck. I guesstimate there is 24" as I looked down on where I had put the snow thrower it was covered and it will handle 24". All that was showing was about a foot of the exhaust chute. It is still coming down hard and the wind is blowing it in all directions. I take comfort in knowing that our spring flowers are down underneath somewhere. That is why it is so hard to garden here at this elevation. Last year I planted on three different occasions.
When the snow gets over 24" like it is now there isn't much we can do except keep a path open to get under the house if we need to. The snow just comes over the top of the blade and the tractor rides up on the snow and gets stuck. I actually stood in one spot and shoveled for 5 minutes without moving my feet.
This is actually quite routine for us here to get our big storms when the rest of the country is having spring rains and enjoying their spring flowers...
Probably only a matter of time before the electricity goes out too.

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