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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Mmmm Good

Rotisserie chicken...yummm...  Where else could you pick up the phone and call the local grocery (20+ miles one way) and say: "Hey Gerald, doing chicken today?"  Then get an affirmative and tell them to put your name on one. At the appropriate time head to the grocery for that delicious chicken. They have rotisserie chicken at several locations in Alamosa but none are as good as Gerald makes. I wish this blog had a scratch and sniff feature because the aroma is simply scrumptious.
It just seemed like the right choice today  as it is overcast outside, cool temperature and I woke up to 1" of snow this morning again and tonight and tomorrow is winter storm watch.

If we get the storm expected I'll have a delicious chicken left over in case we lose the power again. Driving in to get the chicken also gave me a chance to take a detour past one of my favorite places to prospect. It is a good place and as expected the water is rushing hard down the creek. That is running strong enough to carry gold to this location and when it stops running so hard I'll take a special tool I use to extract the gold.

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