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Monday, January 12, 2009

A trip to Alamosa

Today was supposed to be a really nice day so I made a trip to Alamosa, 40 miles one way. As I was going out to the truck, I said to Bruce WOW, LOOK AT THOSE NASTY CLOUDS. We can see the Spanish Peaks over near LaVeta from our house and there were very black clouds over them. Off I went. When I got to Alamosa, I called Bruce and he said REMEMBER THOSE NASTY CLOUDS? THEY ARE OVER OUR HOUSE NOW---snowing hard! I went ahead with all of my stops: a place to have our ink cartridges filled, True Value, WalMart, Big R, City Market, Walgreen's, picked up the cartridges, then to the bank---and headed back to Fort Garland to stop at the Post Office and pick up a few things at our local grocery. Below is a picture of the two of them---they share a building. As I headed out of Fort Garland the snow flakes started in earnest. I wanted to take a picture of Mt. Blanca to share with you but couldn't even see it---so here is one that was taken on another day. It is one of the mountains in Colorado that are fondly referred to as "fourteener".

The closer I got to home ,the more snow fell. Thankfully there was no wind to speak of so I made it home, safe and sound. It was difficult to see the road though---everything was very white!!!
So that is the report from the mountains for the day! :)+


Sasha said...

Wow! You are really doing a nice job with this blog! I need to remember to check it out more!!
Love ya!

Mike McFall said...

You are doing a GREAT job on your Blog!!!! I'm proud to have started you on Blogging!!! Pictures enlarged and everything!!

Enjoyed riding along with you on that trip to town. I remember back in Nebraska where I was raised, we made a lot of such trips!!Brings back memories!!!!We lived 45 miles out in the country.:-( No TV, No Newspaper, No phone,,Computer,,Nothing. How did we do it???

Mike (&Pat)